Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'll take 'Senioritis' for 1200

Saw this on jeopardy, thought it needed to be shared.

Friday, February 10, 2012


I haven’t had much to write about lately. I’ve still been playing with lots of new things since I last posted anything meaningful. Prayer cape, potion flasks, troll invasion, all great additions. Making flasks is currently funding my daily staff purchases but I assume that will only last another day or two before they drop down to a price where I start considering actually using them opposed to selling them.

I’ve been pretty good about making sure I harvest my morchella mushrooms twice a day. I have over 500 now and about 1.5k fellstalk pots (u) which I’m saving for bonus weekend which should be sometime in March.

I’ve also been on a mission to get the hybrid sets of armor. I have the boots from Pest Control. I’m currently working on the legs from Soul Wars and mannnnn, its taking for-ev-er. I can’t tell you how many points I’ve cashed in or games I’ve played and still nada. I did go from 90-91 Ranged cashing the points in and am only about 50k from 92 Range. I got 99 Pray several months ago so I’m using my points on Range. I was ice barraging for a while, which is amusing but I’m terrible at it. Its still nice to see the big numbers come up on the xp meter when you start doing it right though.

I used up my skoll boots at the barb agility course. Watching that xp melt away felt great. It was to a point where I actually didn’t mind doing agility for a few days. That said, I went from 90-92 and I’m happy with that. After bonus weekend I’ll start doing some BA again to recharge my horn.

My drive to level is to really just do that, level. I have a good amount of friends who are maxed in the game. Some still play but many have lost interest and start something else, another game. My ultimate goal, as I’m sure is everyone else’s, is to max. I’m at that so-close-yet-so-far point I think. Most of my levels are 90+ with only 4 skills in the 80s (RC, Con, Slay, Hunt). Still that road from 92-99 is pretty harsh. I do get jealous to an extent every time I see that max cape. I want it so bad. Maybe in a year or two I’ll get to throw that thing over my shoulders.

I haven’t really had much cash since I spent the dough on bones getting 99 prayer. I luckily did that right before the frost dragon update when frost bones were at the lowest in a while. This is the first time I’ve lucked out with RS timing. I usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to that. Since then I hover around the 1-2 mil mark. I’m hoping to hit the RS lotto with a big drop that’ll fund some skills which I should be training, but are kinda useless (construction, I’m looking in your direction). To get con and herblore out of the way would be great. I’m almost 96 herb which is great and incredibly annoying at the same time. At 96 I’ll be able to make the strong naturalist potions in dungeons. Being 95 and needing to pot up to make a pot sucks. Again, so-close-yet-so-far.

Everyone seems to be fighting Jad for their firecapes in order that they can get their firecape 2. To say I have no interest in fighting 2 jads doesn’t even scratch the surface of how I feel. I’ve said it before, I suck at just one jad. 0-23. And before you say it, yes I have seen ______’s video, yes I know how to pray switch, yes whatever else you’re going to suggest me. I’ve heard it all. Call it operator error. I know everything I should do, it’s the execution that’s an issue. I am happy that its coming out for others, but its not content that I’ll be checking out anytime soon.

I wish I had anything more interesting to write about. I log in, do some things for an hour or two and log out I want to start doing boss trips again, but even when I’m doijng that, I’m thinking about how I could be skilling instead. I thought about nuking this blog, but I’ll keep it running. If anyone goes through these past posts and finds anything helpful, then it served its purpose. As of now though, the updates will be few and far between. Not for lack of interest, but really lack of inspiration. I’ll keep playing, but not really writing about playing.

This is not a swan song, but who knows.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Been a while

So its been a bit. Bonus xp weekend, Dung weekend, etc. etc... Got a few levels, got a few capes.

I hate to bring this up, but my absence has had a reason. I've had some terrible months and I hate to say it but I've been diagnosed as being bipolar. Kind of hard to take when you are in your 30s... If I can stress to anyone, its that there are lots of us out there. It does suck, but it does get better.

Back to trying to get back to reality. Fighting.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Prepping for who knows what....

If history is any indicator, we should probably have another bonus xp weekend in September. I’ve decided to start stockpiling supplies now while there’s a lot of good prices out there. Toadflax seeds are just about 200gp! I thought I was getting a great deal when I found them for under 1k ages ago. I stocked up then, but I’m definitely restocking now.

I’m going to be more diligent about herb runs and managing my kingdom when I get time to play. Also grabbing that free pure ess each day should add up as I’ve been doing a bit of runecrafting recently. I’d love to stockpile my 80 staves that I get each day and save them for when there’s a bonus, but I don’t haven enough cash to do that for too long. Besides, that’s fast enough xp and good money anyway. I’m almost at 97 Crafting so there’s nothing much I can really unlock for that skill.

Again, if history’s any indicator, not only will this happen but I will also be out of town for one reason or another and not able to participate. In that case, I’d just sell my materials when things get pricy and make some cash. Even if it doesn’t happen, having a stock of materials isn’t ever a bad thing, especially if one seed is just 200gp!

Over the last month or so and played a LOT of Soul Wars. I managed 85-90 prayer there before I couldn’t take it any longer. I broke down, sold some stuff and bought bones and worked my way to 95 prayer. Varrock and Fally Diaries completed! I’ve been better at getting Bork on a regular basis too, the double rewards are sweet!

I’m about 40k away from 99 Hitpoints. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open last night to get it done. That xp counter goes painfully slow when you’re watching it intently. Hopefully that will be for tonight or sometime this week, depending on work.

HP & Prayer have always been two of my favorite capes. What can I say, I guess I have a weakness for the white. I kind of wish they didn't change the HP emote though, I thought the old one was the coolest one out of them all.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Still Alive

I'm still alive. Life is ridiculously busy. I feel like every weekend since 2005 involves me going to a wedding... When I've been in the game all I've been doing is penguins and Soul Wars. So far I've gone 85-90 Prayer. I'm close to 91. It's taken weeks. Soul Wars clan chats are some of the most annoying I've ever been in.

However, 90 Prayer is a huge step in the 90+ quest. I'd love to get 95 for the diaries, but 92 would be great as well. It's just so slow and painful. And no, I don't have 100m to drop on it to make it faster. My bank has hovered around 300k for a long time now. I did manage 97 Attack which got me 134cb. I was pretty stoked on that.

I wish I had better things to report, but Soul Wars isn't really exciting. Slowly chipping away at Prayer levels...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vengeancing Everything in Sight

I finally unlocked all of the livid farm spells. It really didn’t seem like a grind to me until the last 4 or so hours. That was probably because I knew I wasn’t going to get any other levels until I was done. Doing all of it I managed 2 farming levels and I’m about 68k from 91, 2 agility levels, a construction level and a magic level and a pretty good chunk out of my next. I think I’m about 300k from 97.

The spell came in pretty handy on a trip to corp, sadly I didn’t have any luck with drops.

I was a little closer to another agility level and something clicked where I finally realized I could access the advanced gnome course by using summer pies. Wow everyone who wrote about it was right, it really is scenic. I actually didn’t feel bored doing it. With the horn its about 1400+xp/lap. The running on the sign thing is actually a lot of fun. I played a little BA to charge my horn and once its full and I buy some more pies, I’m definitely going back there.

Air orbs are pretty low cost now so I bought a ton of them. That combined with getting 2 summoning levels, 90 and 91 pretty much wiped me out cash wise. I’ve been skilling so much lately that I guess its only time to get back into the swing of trips to kill stuff. So summoning knocks out another goal of getting all skills over 90. I’m getting closer. I actually got cb lvl 133 on one of the summoning levels, so that was a bonus. No fireworks for either though, weird.

Dungeoneering 90 might be left off that goal list. I spent a good hour in a large dung with 3 friends the other night. It was pretty much a full map and we had everything open and were just prepping for the boss when I lagged. It couldn’t have been more than a minute or two (I think you have 5 to return to the dungeon) but was kicked out. No experience given whatsoever and when I went to check, I again lost my binds. I thought that was only supposed to happen when the server crashed. Wtf! I’m so sick of spending time training a skill that keeps giving me no xp and taking my stuff from me. I started a small c6 that luckily had a few gorg spots so I made a couple items but then I just left it. It is so frustrating to deal with all that time and effort wasted over and over.

I’m excited to be able to do the lower level summoning effigies, if I ever get them.

Real life is pretty busy the next few days. I won't be on much.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Early Evening of the Dead

I used up my Hati Paws yesterday. It took maybe 4 hours. It was amazing how quick the xp flew by. My goal was to do it as quick as possible because, like I’ve stated I’m sure countless times, I hate ranging.

My gear:
Void Range Helm
Ammy of Ranging
Elite Void Top
Void Robes
Archer’s Ring
Void Deflector
Hati Paws
Ranger Boots (borrowed)

I managed to get 88, 89 and 90 Ranged! As well as 98 Hitpoints! When my paws ran out, I was still stocked and a little over 150k til 90 Ranged, so I stayed down there a little longer. My xp counted was at about 1.3m when I was done. I sold my remaining 6k chins and 500 pray pots afterwards. Note that chins are really pretty cheap at the moment if anyone is considering using them.

I went to Ape Atoll to fight the zombies under there. No drops, but fast and easy xp. There were a few near deaths, but I managed to survive even a disconnection. I’d recommend a ring of life if anyone is going to try it, just to be safer.

I can now use Grave Creeper bows which is great. Whenever we’d need to range in a dungeon, someone would give me a bow and I’d always forget to check the type until we were in the boss room and I’m wondering why I can’t equip it… >.< When I get in the mood to go back down there, I can also bind some Prom arrows, which will be pretty sweet as well.

I probably won’t get to play much this weekend. Going to a baseball game, Mother’s Day, Derby day, etc. I’m hoping when things settle down a bit I can finish the Livid Farm. It’s helping me with two of my sub 90 skills, Agility and Farming. Not too long ago I got 90 Mining, now 90 Ranged, got 89 Farming and in the past 2 days I’ve been buying addy bars and using my SC tool stockpile as hammers and doing some Smithing. My plan was to make addy plates, but then I realized I needed 88 to do that. Ah well, not too much of an issue. Kiteshields and legs sell pretty easily. I managed 85, 86 and 87 Smithing and will probably get 88 tonight (hopefully!).